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February 14, 2018

Three weeks ago, with the US stock market in a parabolic rally, I wrote in my previous letter: "When these moves end, they tend to do it abruptly and harshly. Every parabolic move in history had a nasty ending."

Now that a wild swing in mass psychology has dropped the market more than 10% in a week, fear is dominant. Folks are asking whether this is the end of the bull market and the time to sell everything.

To reduce nervousness and stand apart from mass hysteria it pays to study history. Three historical charts shown below will help us decide what to do next.

Click here to enlarge this chart (only when you're online)

This weekly chart of VIX (the Fear Index), going back to 2008, shows that there is an upsurge of fear every two or three years. The price of fear was under $10 in January, it rocketed to $50 last week, but is already down to $23 as I write this. The chart shows that the market has a spasm of fear once every few years - and then it passes, only to recur a couple of years later.

The decline of over 1,000 points in the Dow reminded me of the Crash of 1987 (lived through it and came out ok), when the Dow lost 500 points, 20% of its value. Take a look at that chart below.

Click here to enlarge this chart (only when you're online)

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